The King Comes Home

Lebron James returned to Cleveland Thursday in what was the most anticipated event to open the NBA Season, and sure enough the Cavaliers and James’s sponsors made it into just that, an event. Now for those of you who do not follow Darren Rovell on twitter, I encourage you to do so, he probably has one of the most interesting timelines for not only sports business professionals to follow but professionals of all kinds.

Today especially was the day to follow Darren’s twitter because his timeline was mostly comprised of the events that were unfolding outside Quicken Loans arena in preparation for this game. It all started when Nike released this “Together” video.

This video was so emotional that it made me want to go to Cleveland and join in their huddle. This video showed that this time is going to be different, less focus on James and more focus on bringing this city together and maybe even bringing them a championship. This video wasn’t the only thing that highlighted Cleveland and Lebron though. The Cavalier’s had some stellar ways to welcome back their star as well as celebrate a start to the much anticipated season.


Remember this poster? This was unveiled once again outside the Quicken Loans Arena for this season, just from a different angle.

This pregame concert really set the tone as a night for celebration. I think more teams should incorporate this into their pregame rituals across every sport. It’s a great way to  excite your fans and a new platform for your corporate partners to display their brands. Especially if your Arena is in the heart of downtown, not only will your fans interact with sponsors but passerby’s will as well.

Prehaps the best giveaway of the season is this confetti pack given to all fans in attendance at the game. It even includes instructions on what to do with it, making for one spectacular scene.

Definitely think it would be worth while to carry this promotion into more games this season.

While its unlikely that that this much fanfare will be circulating around the Cav’s arena all season long, I mean the season is 81 games long, the team and sponsors sure took advantage of this game. pushing out specialized campaigns and helping the city of Cleveland come together and say “welcome back” to a legend.


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